Who’s up for a Chamber Party ? I certainly am !

Hello BDSM Lovers !

I know it’s been a while yet again ! However, I have a free afternoon so I thought that I had better pop in and update you on what’s going on in my world… ( smile )

Firstly I would like to thank a couple of people who have helped me in one way or another recently. First on my list to thank is “M” my loyal sub for many years… and I hope for many more to come, where would I be if you were not on the end of the phone to sort my problems out lol ! I thank you “M” for saving my ass from the scammers. I took your advice and all is now sorted. I send you a massive BDSM slap on the ass for your help……

I would also like to thank those of you who very kindly came forward to help with the decorating of the Chambers, which by the way has not happened yet. I have the plans for the changes but I just can’t get the time to do it…. the Chambers are very rarely empty, maybe the odd day which makes my plans for the changes almost impossible. I have had some great feed back for what some of you would like…please keep your ideas coming, they are a great inspiration.

I would also like some more feed back regarding card facilities, some have come forward via email and text asking if I have arranged this yet, It’s my next job and I am just waiting for my contact to come back to me with his advice. I am stepping on very strange ground with this so I really don’t want to get it wrong, be patient and I will have that facility up and running for you as soon as I can.

Tina Andrews, your patience astounds me lol, I can’t wait to see you… Not long now and I will have you in your short skirts and Bouffant wig before you know it !

Kitty, I will meet you at the Chambers at 2pm sharp on Tuesday, I hope that you have booked a table in a very nice restaurant, I may send you some links of my favourite eating houses…Don’t forget the flowers and I will be putting you through your paces afterwards. Heavy duty Flogging is so on the cards for you my man ! What a wonderful way to spend my Birthday ! Whipping the back off of you ! You may stay at the Chambers with me overnight ……in the holding cell….(smile) And for anyone else out there that may fancy some Kinky play, I will be available for session on Wednesday the 15th August all day.

Master P and Sophie ! What a pleasure it was to meet you both, Sophie you are stunningly beautiful and as promised I am popping a couple of pics that your Master has sent me (and given me full permission to use) the ones which he took of you whilst hiring my Chambers. Check these out….


Lovely pic……However, I think the next one is Awesome….


I told you she is strikingly beautiful ! Look forward to our private get together, Tina will be home soon so we can then arrange a meet at the Dungeons…..That should be fun will be in touch to arrange.

Time to move on to availability. The Chambers are busy at the moment and have been for some time, so do book early if you can.

Thursday 9th August NO AVAILABILITY.

Friday 10th of August NO AVAILABILITY.

Saturday 11th August NO AVAILABILITY UNTIL 4pm

Monday 13th August NO AVAILABILITY UNTIL 2pm

Tuesday 14th August NO AVAILABILITY.

Thursday 16th August NO AVAILABILTY UNTIL 7pm.

Sunday 19th August NO AVAILABILITY UNTIL 3pm.

Wednesday 22nd August NO AVAILABILITY.

Saturday August 25th NO AVAILABILITY.

Please remember to confirm your booking ! If I don’t receive a confirmation email or call/text I will let your booking go ….

Ok, last but by far the least….I want to mention someone who sent me an email showing me her BDSM Art work, I’ll keep this short and sweet…Look for yourself.


The pics don’t do them justice at all. I have the coasters for the Chambers and I think her work is fab ! If anyone is interested give me a shout and I will fire you her contact details.

Well that’s all for now folks, time to give my ponies some TLC… I will be back soon with details of the Chamber party LOL. Kept that one for last !

For all enquiries regarding Chamber Hire please feel free to contact me directly either by email or telephone.

Email aleedsstudio@hotmail.co.uk

Mobile 07732472515

Best wishes,

Leeds/Bradford Mistress Davina

Proprietor of Chambers of Depravation.

Twitter @aleedsstudio