Good Evening Kinksters,

Well guy’s it’s that time… I am not a happy bunny having to write this blog but here goes.

I know that you are all very aware of the price of utilities going through the roof and I know we are all feeling the pinch never the less…

I have not raised the cost of Chamber Hire in all the time that I have had the studio but now the time has come where I have no choice other than to raise the cost of Chamber Hire.

The Studio has taken the hits so far but can no longer cover this electricity price hike so

this is what I have come up with.

The hourly rate will stay the same (minimum hire will remain at 2hrs.)

The 6hr Day rate will have to be increased by £20 which will raise the hire to £220 for 6hrs (still very good value)

The extended stay will remain the same.

The change will take effect from 1st of May 2023.

I hope you understand that I have had no choice but to make this small change to the prices, my hands are tied (excuse the pun)

I really am trying to keep the costs down.


I would also like to address the use of the Chambers for future events. In the past I have accepted bookings for events and have only charged for example, the cost of a 6hr day rate. I can’t do that anymore.

Events will be charged at a different rate which will be discussed when booking.

Could I ask that when organising an event, that you could please make sure that you have directions in place for your guests. I strongly suggest having someone to direct your guests in successfully and direct them to delegated parking areas. It works so much better, I used to have my houseboy out meeting my guests to guide them in and direct them to their parking area.

All emails will be answered this evening.

Well guy’s that’s all for tonight, have a fab evening and I will be back very soon, until then stay kinky and play safe !

Mistress Davina

A Leeds Chamber Hire