Caning Convention!

The Yorkshire Caning Conference will take place at the the Leeds Chambers of Depravation on the 15th June 2019.

Places will be strictly limited in numbers, and ‘players’. This will be participatory event, so please read the details below, then get in touch if you think it’s for you.

Venue: The Leeds Chambers of Depravation.

Time: 19:00 hours until late.

Date: 15th of June 2019.

Cost: £25/pp payable to the door on entry, or in advance through Mistress Davina.

Refreshments: Liquid refreshments and food will be provided. Feel free to bring a bottle (or 2 along )

Competition: There will be a caning competition, organised by Mistress Davina’s sub. All domes expected to take part. Prize as yet undetermined.

Details and format to be revealed on the night.

This is going to be a PLAY PARTY. Dommes will be expected to be caning bottoms and subs will be expected to be head down and ass up for a good deal of the time.

No ass will go uncaned !

Dommes are free to bring along their favourite canes. Whilst this is a play party, all limits will be respected, and all attendees will be respected at all times whether Top or Bottom. Mistress Davina will be in attendance, and will monitor the Chambers, along with her sub. The aim of the evening is FUN, FUN, FUN.

However do not be put off. Whilst the emphasis is on play, it will be a Fantastic social gathering of like-minded people, and you can expect equal measure of both play and social fun while you are here.

There is limited room and availability for sleeping overnight if you travel, so get in touch prior to the event, and check availability.

Rules: Have fun. No cameras or recording without permission. Have fun. If in any doubt, have fun. When you arrive, have fun. Before you leave, have fun. ( See my sub, he loves fun and will help you out ) 😜


See you on the 15th !

Best wishes,

Mistress Davina


Mobile 07732472515