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A Brief History of A Leeds Chamber


Welcome all BDSM players to my new site, Please let me introduce myself. I am Mistress Davina of Leeds and I am so pleased that you have taken time out to read this page; I really would like to share with you how these awesome Chambers came about, so please read on……

I remember it like it was yesterday, if only… (smile)  I had just bid goodbye to my last client of the day, who, on top of other bizarre requests, had badgered me to put him into a dog cage…. I had one, but it was stored in one of the outbuildings, hence no cage…. (are you still with me; this really is going somewhere…. trust me!)

It was such a hot afternoon and the sun was still shining as I poured myself out of my latex and slid into my jeans, making myself a cuppa and lighting up a cigarette. I drew deeply on my bad habit and flopped down on the sofa…. Mistress was feeling better already.

Now, where was that dog cage? I picked up my keys and went for a wander down the farm. Unlocking the building where I stored so many other things I had forgotten just how much junk was in here. Crikey….. I clambered over a huge hole in the floor that was stacked high with goodness knows what but at least  I could use it as a bridge! I stopped half way across the improvised footpath, wondering where next to put my foot without going ass over tit when PING ! ..the penny dropped. I should never have stopped I should have walked right out of there, but I didn’t….. Looking down into the depth of the pit beneath me and then up into the rafters and around the scarey stone walls I found myself looking at this place in a whole new light… a vision had scorched itself into my mind….  a vision of a theatre, a theatre for BDSM…..

I left on some kind of high; I knew that I had to make this happen. What I didn’t know was how the hell I was going to achieve it. I figured that we could have it up and running in 6 months….put some electric in there, some heat, equipment….what more do we need?

Holey moley, lol, how wrong can one be! I hadn’t considered a shower room, insulation, flooring, windows, wrought iron work, dividing walls, mirrors, not to mention the seven skips it took to empty the place before any work even commenced….

I spoke to the very close circle of people who are members of our BDSM family and they thought I had lost my…but let me tell you this; every member who helped me with this project came to realise just how much this vision meant to me and their loyalty proved immeasurable.

We all worked our day jobs and then we all worked on the new chambers evenings and weekends… Holidays went up the spout for two years ! lol….the fall outs and screaming matches were unbelievable…we were all so tired and irritable, but hey, guys, we did it!…..I thank you all sincerely.

I have uploaded a couple of pictures of the building before work started; and the finished ( well almost ) Chamber pics are in the gallery.

And just for the record, I didn’t find my “Dog Cage” but hell…Look at what I did find !

A Leeds Chamber is for hire, costings can be found on the “Chamber Hire Page”


Mistress Davina proprietor of The Leeds/Bradford Chambers of Depravation.

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