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Leeds Dungeon Hire – Equipment


A list of Mistress Davina’s equipment at A Leeds Chamber…

  • Fetters wheel….
  • Four point suspension Gallery,
  • Gibbet cage and winch,
  • Birdcage and winch
  • Wrought Iron stocks,
  • Full length medieval stretching rack,
  • Fetters whipping stool,
  • Fetters bondage wheel,
  • Leather bondage wall board,
  • 2 Iron gated holding cells,
  • Bondage chair
  • Stocks with fucking rod,
  • Whips,
  • Floggers,
  • Leg irons,
  • Leather Harness, male and female,
  • Bondage sack,
  • Floating Suspension Board
  • F Pro Machine
  • Straight Jacket
  • Hoods Rubber/Leather
  • Bondage Chains/Rope
  • Floor to ceiling mirrors
  • Sybian

All equipment is there for your use whilst hiring the Chambers. I cannot express enough that great care and attention must be taken whilst playing with all that is there for your pleasure.


  • Wrought iron bondage wall frame,
  • Fetters rubber lined Voyeur box
  • Leather studded bondage table,
  • Fetters bondage chair with butt plug,
  • Fetters Inversion rack,
  • Leather whipping stool,
  • Floor to ceiling Mirrors.

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