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Leeds Dungeon Hire – A Leeds Chamber – FAQ


Q How do I arrange to hire a Leeds Chamber ?

A It’s easy, just call me or email me directly.

Q What is the cost of One hour in a Leeds Chamber ?

A The cost of one hour Chamber hire is £50.00, Mistress Davina also offers a “Day Rate” Lasting 6 hours at a discounted cost of £200.

Q Are we as a couple allowed to bring a camera along ?

A To be discussed with Mistress Davina

Q Is A Leeds Chamber on a bus route ?

A No, My premises are a short taxi ride from a local train station, Mistress Davina can provide you with a reliable number on request.

Q Does your Chamber have wheelchair access ?

A No, I am sorry no wheelchair access.

Q Is there adequate parking at A Leeds Chamber ?

A Yes, All parking is private and in front of the Chamber. We are off the road.

Q Can we come and view A Leeds Chamber before booking ?

A Yes, so long as the Chamber is not in use, you are more than welcome.

Q Do you require a deposit ?

A Yes, I have to take a £50 deposit to secure your booking.

Q What is the method of payment when hiring a Leeds Chamber ?

A Cash or Cheque, remember that if you choose to pay by Cheque, then the funds have to be in my account before an appointment can be secured.

Q How far would I have to travel to get to the Leeds Chambers if I was coming in from Leeds/Bradford Airport ?

A The Chambers are based exactly 1 and a half miles from the Airport.

Q Where is the nearest Train Station ?

A Horsforth Train Station is a short taxi ride away, approx 5/6 miles.

Q Does the Chamber Hire fee include the use of both dungeon spaces ?

A Yes, also the Study/Lounge area?

Q ) If I book a 6hr ” Day Rate” am I allowed to hold an event/party within that time ?

A ) No, The Chamber Hire rates are for 2 people only.

Q ) Can We as a couple bring a third party along during our booking ?

A ) A third person will be an extra £20 per hour. For example, If you book a 2hr session with a third party involved the Hire charge will be £240.

Q ) Do you have overnight accommodation ?

A ) Yes, along with TV, Dishwasher, microwave tea/coffee making facilities. You can view pics on the Chamber Hire page….

Q ) How is the New room heated ?

A ) Radiators, one either side of the room.

Please remember that any persons using any of the equipment in the Leeds Chamber will do so with the utmost care and attention.

Mistress Davina accepts no responsibility for any accidents in the chamber. All activities that you decide to partake in will be at your at your own risk.

Fond Regards,

Leeds Mistress Davina

A Leeds Chamber


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