Update on Chamber Hire Availability

Good Evening BDSM Enthusiasts,
Apologies for my absence of late, I have so many other things going on at the moment I don’t have enough hours in the day !
I did however, promise myself that I would get around to updating my sites of which I have very much neglected over the past months. I really will try and get a couple of evenings a week to keep you informed of the goings on at “A Leeds Chamber”….I Promise.
Well the Chambers have been buzzing as usual. I have met so many lovely couples recently, I so look forward to your return visits.
It’s been really good to see some of the Elite Pro Dommes returning to session from a Leeds Chamber also…..
The “Overnight” accommodation is creating much interest ! Lots of bookings for that in the next few months. You really are advised to book early.
There will be a day when I will be closing the Chamber doors to refurbish carpets on the stairs and reception area. I am also having the pit floor re-covered….Fingers crossed this will all be done and dusted in one day. I shall let you all know when this will be happening via Twitter and my News Page.
Ok, I need to let you know how availability is for the next couple of weeks so here goes,
Sunday 26th April No availability until 3pm.
Monday 27th April No availability after 5pm.
Friday 1st May No availability from 3pm until 6pm.
Friday 8th May No availability.
Saturday 9th May No availability.
Sunday 10th May No availability.
Saturday 23rd May No availability.
Sunday 24th May No availability until 3pm.
The above dates are all confirmed, other dates are staggered in the diary so if you are looking to Hire some play space then please feel free to enquire either by email or telephone.
All calls are taken by me personally and all emails are answered by me personally.
Email aleedsstudio@hotmail.co.uk
Mobile Tel 07732 472 515
Chamber Line 0113 239 1556
That’s all I have for you at the moment. Until next time, Play Safe and Enjoy !
Fond Regards,
Mistress Davina Leeds
Mature Yorkshire Mistress

Have some new bits and bobs for the Chamber….Here is just one of them…..