Update on A Leeds Chamber

Good evening Kinksters,

I know, I know It’s about time I showed my face… However, I must say I have had a really crap start to the New Year…Won’t go into all the gory details, but I have some news that I would like you all to be aware of.

I have been on this circuit for so long now and have sat back patiently and observed the changes that have taken place over the last many years and really feel that it’s time for me to take a back seat and just carry on watching the show lol. I have taken my “Mistress Davina ” site down and it will not be returning in this lifetime !

My Twitter account has gone also….

My “Chamber Hire Site” aleedschamber.co.uk will remain active, and bookings for couples will be available by contacting me directly via email or mobile, my contact details are to follow later in this news page so do read on.

Any bookings accepted (new Clientèle) will in future be required to pay a deposit to secure your play space. This is no longer negotiable…I know many of you readily offer a deposit, but then there are those that don’t…..They are the ones that are known as “Time wasters” I really don’t have the time nor the patience for all of that anymore lol, so hence a deposit will be required.

Overnight stays are now back on the menu, so do feel free to contact me directly for more in-depth information.

The 6hr Day Rate is really not one to be missed…..again contact me for more details.

The Chamber doors will now open at 12 lunch time unless you are booking a 6hr slot, then opening times are negotiable.

For all enquiries regarding any of the above, please feel free to contact me directly on either my mobile number 07732472515 or email me at aleedsstudio@hotmail.co.uk I look forward to hearing from you very soon !

Your sleeping area…..

Home comforts………

Continental Breakfast on request….

Shower Facilities….

Upper Chamber…..

Different view of my Upper Chamber…

Lower Chamber, for the more “Seasoned BDSM Players…….

My Study….( Chamber cat is taken to her temporary pad on request )

Fondest regards,


A Leeds Chamber