Testimonial for A Leeds Chamber….

Welcome to Davina’s Dominion !

I would like to share this poem which I received on Saturday from a very special couple who have become regular visitors to the Leeds Chambers of Depravation. “Captain Jack” and his beautiful Lady are a joy to spend time with and I truly look forward to your next visit !

Davina’s Dominion

Travelling by taxi, down the narrow country lane,

Creeping ever closer, to that hidden dark domain.

Autumn cast it’s magic spell, and moody skies were grey,

Some leaves limply clung to trees, then fell without delay !


Davina led us to a door, then beckoned us inside,

The staircase, it was long and steep; we took it in our stride !

The lounge was like a little Study on a movie set,

It made my spirit fly so high without a safety net !


Lady Levi licked her paws, then stretched her claws out too,

Madame Wrangler did the same and watched us like she knew !

We chatted to each other , while we laughed and drank a toast,

Then we were shown around the place by such a perfect host.


Once we knew our way around,Davina took her leave,

So we could live out all our dreams within that web we weave !

It was like another world, a Kinky wonderland !

A place where we could lose ourselves and let our minds expand !


The Upper playroom was enough for many people’s needs,

Ideal  for one to discipline so many “Naughty” deeds,

Yet it was just a tiny glimpse of bigger things to come,

As we discovered all the hidden secrets one by one.


Down within the lower Chamber, silver metal gleamed,

Contrasting with midnight black, the darkest that I’d seen !

Chains were stretched, and shadows flickered in the candle light,

Legs were spread and helpless as the buckles fastened tight !


Instruments of joy and pain were scattered everywhere !

The ambience was perfect as the music filled the air,

All the mirrors made the room look cavernous and huge,

Lashes struck round buttocks hard and coloured them like Rouge !


So many games and variations at our finger tips !

So many bold accessories, like Clamps and Ropes and Whips  !

What a way to spend the day and what a special place !

A wicked, perfect paradise, to hide without a trace !

Thank you Captain Jack……I love this poem, and hope to speak again soon x

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Fond Regards,

Mistress Davina Leeds

Mature Yorkshire Mistress