Testimonial from Double Trouble

To introduce ourselves firstly we are two dominatrices based in the north of England on the Yorkshire Lancashire border who specialise in the most professional and realistic kidnapping experience in the UK. After doing this for several years in our private lives we started to look at the numerous dungeons across the north of England which could be a base to host professional sessions. We spent several months visiting dungeon after dungeon but none of them reached our high standards and were either too small, too grubby or simply in a busy location that wasn’t suitable for us to hold our sessions.

We were then recommended some premises in West Yorkshire by a regular slave of ours. To be honest our expectations weren’t massively high due the previous venues we had visited but we decided to take a look anyway. We contacted the premises and spoke to a lady called Davina (who we later realised was actually Mistress Davina) who invited us to come and see the premises ourselves. After a lengthy telephone conversation with Mistress Davina we were now both quite excited and the following day made the short drive to the premises.

Even driving up to the premises something felt different this time, we were in a lovely part of Yorkshire and as we arrive at the premises we both commented on the ideal location which was secluded with no preying eyes or twitching curtains and plenty of secure parking. We knocked on the entrance and was greeted by Mistress Davina herself. She was very welcoming and invited us in where she took us on a tour of the premises. We were simple taken a back by the number of rooms and vast amount of equipment that was available and despite only being in the premises a few minutes we knew this was going to be the home for our future sessions. After a brief tour we had a cup of coffee in her office to discuss business before returning to the various rooms where she showed us exactly how to work some of the vast equipment on offer.

We were simple amazed by the facilities and had everything you could possible think of. Both our minds were running wild with the endless possibilities of fun that we could have in these secluded chambers and couldn’t wait to get our first victim in here. A few days later we had a slave who wanted to book a 6 hour kidnapping. As kidnapping is our favourite activity anyway and combine that with us getting to use the new chambers we were buzzing. We called Mistress Davina to book the chambers and to add even further excitement she invited us back to the chambers the following day to practice on one of her long term slaves so we could make the most of the chambers when we brought our kidnap victim to the chambers.

As the months have passed the chambers really do feel like a second home due to the friendship we have built with Mistress Davina and in an ideal world I would personally love to spend every second at the chambers. One thing for sure is I could never consider sessioning at another venue as nothing else compares to this place. We feel like one big family which includes both ourselves, Mistress Davina, all the slaves ,sissys and masochists that visit us and not forgetting her 24/7 slave who goes above and beyond even the role of a24/7 slave to ensure the chambers are always clean and the equipment is in brand new condition. Mistress Davina has created something special and I personally hope it will be around for many years to come.

If there are any potential slaves reading this who would be interested in booking either a private session or for the brave an extended kidnap session at these luxurious West Yorkshire premises with me and my partner in crime then please see our website at www.doubletrouble241.com  for more details.