Testimonial by Tina Andrews

Hello Folks,

Just would like to thank Tina Andrews for this lovely review……

No matter how many times I visit the Leeds Studio, I am always in awe of the place and off Mistress Davina. Perhaps I should define awe, not because people don’t know what it means, but because it really sums up how I feel. It means, a feeling of respect or reverence mixed with dread and wonder, often inspired by something majestic and powerful. Well that to me sums up both the chambers and the Mistress. I have been visiting for years now and I have still not used all the available equipment, costumes, and toys. The downstairs area is a dungeon area, that has the bigger stuff, like, whipping stools, rack, wheel, and five suspension winches which can be used together or singly. ¬†Along with a holding cell and a gibbet cage this is an area of dungeon domination. The upstairs area consists of three rooms, an office, a large room with sofa, chairs, television, and cooking area, and the final room is for cross dress and sissy maid play, though there is also a rack, a bondage chair, and fixing points for chains and cuffs in the ceiling. All the rooms have at least one mirrored wall, and lights that dim. I cannot recommend the Leeds Studio highly enough, a fantastic place, and a fantastic Mistress….. Tina Andrews….