A sneek preview for you…..

Hello Readers,

I have had the good fortune yet again, to have met another fabulous couple who came along to hire the Leeds Chambers of Depravation, otherwise known as A Leeds Chamber Hire. What can I say except I just so know that I will be seeing you both again in the near future…( smile ) x

Well, work on the extension started a little later than anticipated this evening, for reasons which were unavoidable. However, we did get a small amount done…..and are going back in tomorrow to fully prepare the room for the sound proof wall which is scheduled to be erected next weekend, so I may as well point out now that the Chambers will be closed Sunday the 24th November for the one day only. The Chamber doors will open again as normal on Monday morning.

I would like to thank Mistress Gabriella of Leeds for taking the time out and coming over to help tonight…..Thank you Mistress. x

Does that mean I may see you tomorrow too ? Lol……x

Ok, this is going to be a very stressful time for me during the next couple of hours that it will take me to try and successfully upload a couple of pics that I took earlier….hear goes…..wish me luck….lol,


Mmm That wasn’t so bad, we have lots to do still… but it’s minor in comparison to the last build ! I feel very confident that we will finish in time for the Chambers Christmas Party…..Wait until you see what I intend to do with this……Let me upload you all another pic….


I fully intend to make full use of the beautiful Stone Walls…This is my new baby…….x

I find that I am missing the “before” pics of my Chambers….So a new page will be added with all the changes that have been made here at the Leeds Chambers of Depravation, Keep tuned for that, and I haven’t forgotten the pics of the milking machine….just not set it up yet….

That’s all I have for you just now, except that bookings are coming in fast and furious….Do try and book early……and a quick look at the calendar is a good idea too Calendar I will drop by again soon, with some in depth info regarding the Christmas Party on the 28th…..If your names not down…Your not coming in …..

I have purchased a few new items for the Chamber, keep your eyes open as I will be uploading pics of them along with the Milking Machine….

For all enquiries regarding Chamber Hire click the link and you will be taken to the appropriate page where you will find all the info you need.

Fond Regards,

Mistress Davina

07732 472515

0113 239 1556

Email aleedsstudio@hotmail.co.uk