Review for a Leeds Chamber

Hi Davina,

We just can’t believe we had 6 hours at the dungeon yesterday, it went so fast, but it was great to have the extra time to really embrace the experience. Our previous shorter times have been most enjoyable too and perhaps a shorter time is good when the dungeon is a new experience. From now on though we’ll be looking at the longer session to really take advantage of the marvellous dungeon and equipment you have. We took your advice about avoiding the suspension but still found more to do than we could fit in the time we had, goody that leaves more to experience next visit. The electric chair was definitely “sparky” as promised , there was some definite jumping going on and the other equipment you set up for us was taken full advantage of.
May we also say how impressed we always are with the exacting standards of cleanliness you maintain especially important with the type of activities undertaken and their intimate nature.The atmosphere in the dungeon really lends itself to immersing yourself in the session and you find yourself almost, coming down from a “high”, when you finish (both Mistress and Sub).
K and I cant wait for our next visit to Leeds and the time frame will only be hampered by “real life” getting in the way. The only thing that would make visits even better for us would be If you were ever able to acquire a bedroom, for staying over, that would be a fantastic addition for those of us that have to travel.

Hoping its not to long before we are able to take advantage of your wonderful facilities again.