Review for a Leeds Chamber

Hi Mistress Davina,

I thought I would send you a somewhat belated message of thanks for all your help in late July when I attended the chambers with MIstress Ai. Please feel free to post my short review on your website.
 I know Mistress was impressed and she told me she felt very much at ease talking with you during the tour. I wouldnt be at all surprised if you receive some enquiries from the expat community in Hong Kong in the near future!
We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, so much so in fact that the 6 hours seemed to fly by.  I have been to dungeons in several countries in my time but this was like being transported into a different dimension! I was completely “zoned out” afterwards for two reasons.
Firstly, my Mistress was in her element and thoroughly enjoying herself during the session and secondly because of the ambience and superb design of the chambers. 
I feel obliged to say that your premises and equipment are the best that I have experienced. The interior design has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated and what a wonderful discrete setting!
To sum up very welcoming, spacious, amazing array of equipment, everything so well cared for, well designed and ever evolving.
I would advise anyone thinking of arranging a visit to A Leeds Chamber to take the plunge and contact Mistress Davina.
Kind regards,