Review for a Leeds Chamber.

Hi Davina,

Just wanted to say again what a truly great time we have when we visit your dungeon. The four rooms all offer a variety of different atmospheres and experiences, restrained only by ones imagination. The large equipment speaks for itself but we wanted to say again how varied and extensive the small stuff is, boxes, drawers, cupboards and bags all containing a vast array of exciting possibilities for both Dom and Sub, every visit we find something new to experience and explore. This last visit was no exception, one particular item we tried that previously we had overlooked was the body bag, we both enjoyed it immensely, sadly my sub was too big for it and we couldn’t fasten it up, but we loved the idea of it. Amongst the small stuff I have to say one of my favourites are the single and multi pinwheels, the multiple wigs, shoes and boots are also a delight.
Already looking forward to our next visit.

Kind regards