Review for The Leeds Chambers of Depravation.


On Valentine’s Day, while star struck lovers were staring lovingly at one another I was just being struck. And whacked, whipped, smacked, spanked, stretched, soaked and worst of all tickled by my wonderful Mistress at the equally wonderful Chambers Of Depravation on the outskirts of  Leeds, run by the gorgeous Mistress Davina.
For those of you not lucky enough to have visited these chambers let me tell you more.
The Chambers are situated in a rural location on the outskirts of Leeds. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but  easily accessible and with  ample private parking.
The Chambers themselves are situated in a converted barn(?), and consist of a large downstairs dungeon and play area, and a second chamber upstairs, along with a rest / changing room and a bathroom. You wont lack for anything before, during or after the session.
The changing rooms also have a fully equipped wardrobe for those who wish to dress for play.
The upstairs Chamber is mirrored, full of toys, many very scary, some of which I was unsure exactly what they did other than cause pain and discomfort.
I have first hand knowledge of the whipping bench which also doubles as a tickling bench and from which their really is no escape.
The large downstairs dungeon is an exciting playroom with a rack, wheel, suspension gear, a confinement cell, cages, a very special electric chair, no prizes for guessing which part of the body gets the shocks.
In addition there are a multitude of implements, gags, hoods, spreader bars, everything you could possibly wish for. Such a shame we haven’t got round to using everything, but I am sure we will in time.
The equipment is all comfortable where it should be and uncomfortable where it should be.
It is all in very good condition, the chambers are heated (if Mistress allows), the lighting is easily controlled and in short it is an exciting, slightly scary (for subs) and enjoyable place to session either to rent or to session with Mistress Davina.
Do yourself a favour and check out the Chambers of Depravation, you wont be disappointed.
slave pXX

For all enquiries regarding Chamber Hire feel free to call me directly on either,

Chamber line 0113 239 1556

Mistress Davina Mobile 07732 472 515