A Review for A Leeds Camber Hire….

Hi Davina,

We Felt we should just send a quick email to say what a fantastic time we had in your amazing Chambers today. We felt like we had stepped into another world! We have visited many dungeons all over the globe, yours takes the biscuit.

Julie had an amazing time with the wigs and costumes. I then had an amazing time with Julie !

What you have done in there has been executed with much thought and lots of class. I only have one small disapointment about the place.

No sleeping accommodation. We would love to spend much longer in there but with regards to travelling it is impossible.

You are very welcoming Davina, I thank you for that as my wife was very nervous. We did try a few of the activities that you showed us and my vote is the suspension, Much fun was had with that !

We shall be back in the very near future, and we have found a small hotel near by which means we can make a weekend of our next visit.

Thank you again Mistress Davina,

L&J ( Your new room is looking very interesting, we can’t wait to see it finished )

Feedback like this is what makes it all worth while L and J…..Thank you.

Fond Regards,

Mistress Davina Leeds

Email aleedsstudo@hotmail.co.uk

Mobile 07732472515

Chamber Line 0113 239 1556

Call or Email me for details.