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Good afternoon Readers,

I thought I might pop by and say hi, I have found myself with a little time to spare and thought I might spend it on here having done all the mundane little jobs that one has to do from time to time.

I am at the moment looking for new floor covering for the lower Chamber pit floor, it will need replacing within the next few weeks for sure, however I will let everyone know when I decide to have it layed as it is a full day’s job. ( all the equipment has to be moved/lifted ) so you can imagine what a nightmare that is !

Availability at Mistress Davina’s Leeds Chambers of Depravation is once again becoming very busy. Remember to bare in mind that a small amount of hire time that is taken is by the hour or maybe 2/3hrs, they are not nessecarily all day bookings. Therefore, if you are looking to Hire the Chambers then it’s alway’s worth giving me a call or an email regarding spaces for hire. You just never know !

I had a conversation with a Gentleman who will be coming along to the Chambers very soon. He made a request which took me back….He asked me if the facilities had a hairdryer ! I replied, no….that was something that I never even thought of !

A Leeds Chamber can now confidently inform you that the we now have a hairdryer for your use ! ( smile )

That’s all I have for you at the moment, I hope all who attend the Chambers for the event  which is to be held by “Double Trouble 241” Have a Spanking time tomorrow, that includes you “Suzie  Diamond ! ” ( smile )

Feel free to contact me for all enquiries regarding Chamber Hire, I will be pleased to take your call directly on either,

A Leeds Chamber Line Direct 0113 239 1556

Mistress Davina Mobile 07732472515