Phew ! Mistress can now wipe her brow

Good Evening BDSM Night Hawks,

Well, Mistress has had a very anxious couple of day’s. It all began when we started moving “Stuff” out of the area of which I intend to extend into. To cut a long story short, we discovered a slight problem with the roof ! I really didn’t think that the extension was going to happen……Wrong, the extent of the damage is not as bad as I thought and work will be starting on repairing that first “hurdle” within the coming week.

This means that it’s full steam ahead…..I have a vision… watch what happens next……Mistress will have just the place for you.. (smile)

I have lots of provisional bookings for Chamber Hire, I refuse to repeat myself but you just so know how much I hate that disappointment thing ! Book in advance….

The date for the Christmas party is Thursday the 19th of December. I will be putting more information regarding this event very soon so if you are interested in attending then I strongly suggest you watch this space, or you may contact me directly on 07732 472515

For all enquiries regarding Chamber Hire then you may contact me directly via email which is (This is not a link)

That’s all I have for you all just now, I will be back with more news before you an say “Jack Flash” Until then, play safe and enjoy…

Fond Regards, (One hell of a happy Mistress !)

Mistress Davina Leeds

Leeds Chambers of Depravation