Party Date at the Chambers !

Hello again readers,

This is a first ! Well in a long time anyway, 2 news pages within a few day’s but it’s just a quickie.

The Chamber doors are finally closed for the day and will open again tomorrow at 11am. There is availability from 2pm onwards.

Anyway, my main reason for dropping in again so soon is because I promised that I would let everyone know when the date for the BDSM get together is. I figure that a Saturday night is going to be the best… no work the next day for most. So September the 1st is the chosen date. Contact me directly for details, preferably by email but phone if you don’t have internet access. I will be posting another update next week in more depth. It’s not too far away !

The Chambers are busy…. Please, Please book early to save disappointment on Chamber Hire.

PARTY DATE IS 1st SEPTEMBER get it into your diaries ! I expect to see you there !

Time for me to have a goodnight Vienna…. then it’s bed for me, I have a very busy day at home tomorrow. I really do need a very trusted house maid to come and clean my house !

Ok, it’s goodnight from the Leeds Chambers of Depravation…..I need to chill so for all enquiries regarding Chamber Hire please feel free to call me on 07732472515 or email me at I look forward to hearing from you !

Fondest regards,

Mistress Davina

Leeds Chamber Hire