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Are you tired of trying to squeeze in couples play time, between the inconvenience of family and friends arriving at the door, tired of self-conscious muted play sessions in hotel rooms, longing to just enjoy a solid overnight stay in comfortable surroundings, with as much play time as you can manage, without the intrusion from all of life’s other little inconveniences, and the opportunity to broaden your experiences and understanding of BDSM and each other.
Looking for some quality time together, during which you can experience and play with a vast selection of toys and equipment, in the seclusion, safety, comfort and privacy of a play space that has been reserved for the night, or weekend JUST FOR YOU.  Then maybe you need to attend my informal BDSM Couples Day on the 24th January 2016 (to be held at the Leeds Chambers of Depravation). This is a full day, hosted by the elite and premier rated Mistress Davina, devoted just to you as couples.
Come along and view the chambers, marvel at the vast array of equipment available for your use, inspect the sleeping accommodation, kitchenette and bathroom facilities, ask as many questions as you like, get a demo of some of the more popular equipment and toys, and who knows, maybe squeeze in a little play time.  And if you do manage to drag yourself away from this BDSM heaven on earth, visit and explore the many sights and attractions the Yorkshire area has to offer you, when you return for your stay with us.
A Leeds Chamber (most likely, the best and most affordable you will find in the country) is discreetly and conveniently located about 2km from Leeds/Bradford airport, in a quiet farm setting.
There are three fully equipped rooms purpose built for bondage, suspension and all other aspects of safe, sane, consensual BDSM play.  You will find all you need at the studio (and even more you had never even thought of), to enable you to enjoy private, safe and quality BDSM time as a couple, during your overnight or weekend stay.
The Leeds Chamber has ample parking, which is both off-road and private.
This is a rare opportunity to take a good look around a facility that has been put together with you in mind, and Mistress Davina looks forward to welcoming you to the BDSM Couples Day, and hope you enjoy your day, and the chambers hospitality. Some of the equipment you can have unrestricted and unlimited use of during your stay at the chambers includes:Fetters wheel
Gibbet cage and winch,
Birdcage and winch
Wrought Iron stocks,
Full length medieval stretching rack,
Fetters whipping stool,
2 Iron gated holding cells,
Bondage chair
Stocks with fucking rod,
Leg irons,
Leather Harness, male and female,
Suspension Hammock
Floating Suspension Board
Straight Jacket
Hoods Rubber/Leather
Bondage Chains/Rope
Floor to ceiling mirrors
Wrought iron bondage wall frame,
Fetters rubber lined Voyeur box
Leather studded bondage table,
Fetters bondage chair with butt plug,
Fetters Inversion rack,
Leather whipping stool
Contact Mistress Davina for further details on:Chamber line 0113 239 1556 – Mobile 07732472515 – Email

Twitter: @mistressdavina1 or @aleedsstudio

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