News update

Good afternoon readers,
I wanted to drop in and update you on the work taking place in the room which will become a great asset to the Chambers. Many, and I mean so many people have commented on the fact that they would be in seventh heaven at a Leeds chamber for them if they had some sleeping accommodation. ( some travel a very long way to visit my Chambers ) Well I took all comments on board and am in the process of creating a small but luxurious studio flat. I have now almost got a small kitchen area in. Dishwasher is in place, I have a 32inch flat screen TV to be fitted along with the outdoor Ariel first thing in the morning, Free view comes along with the television so that’s a bonus ! Microwave, kettle, toaster, telephone and Wifi are all in place……we are doing Ok, I feel confident that this room will be finished and ready to go in a couple of weeks. I will be listing all amenities very soon with pics, I may move in there myself ! Fresh eggs from the chickens next door every morning, sounds very tempting….Weekend retreat I think….(smile)
Moving on to availability….The Chambers are very busy, but you already know that…. If you are thinking of paying a visit to A Leeds Chamber then please do try and book in advance. I really hate having to turn people away….
Mistress Nikki Whiplash of London has already made her reservation for her stay in Yorkshire, and chosen the Leeds Chambers of Depravation for her Venue.  Click the link here For all details of her visit to Leeds in Yorkshire
I really do need to update the Chamber Calendar so it’s time for me to dash….I will be popping back very soon with pics and lots of exciting news regarding the progress of the new overnight accommodation.
A massive thank you to Kinkmaker for all his help with the work going on, I will catch up with you tomorrow Kinkmaker ! You can also catch him on Twitter, @Kinkmaker Some of the work that he does is displayed on there.
Fond Regards,
Mistress Davina Leeds
Chamber Hire Leeds, Yorkshire