News regarding Leeds Chamber Hire

Good evening readers,

Popping in to update you on the availability of the Leeds Chambers of Depravation. Tomorrow has no availability left at all. Wednesday is filling up fast. I have been taking some chamber space myself rather often of late, but I think that’s only fair don’t you ?

The works have commenced and we are determined to see some drastic change to the area that I am extending into by the weekend. This is when I will be posting pics up as we progress with the transformation. Things are getting very exciting now…..( smile )

I have decided to wait until the worst of the heavy , dirty work is out of the way before I even attempt to replace the “Pit” floor, and the New carpets will be laid last.

The entrance to  the Chambers will be re-painted back to its original colour of Aubergine. ( Looks amazing ).

I look ward to seeing you two “Chickadees” Tomorrow, (Smile) I love to see returning couples visiting the Chambers of Depravation….

That’s all for now Kinky folks,

Mistress must get her beauty sleep for her very busy day tomorrow, I will pop back soon,

Fond Regards,

Mistress Davina Leeds

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