Mistress has dropped into have a quick chat !

Good Day BDSM Readers,

Once again my sincere apologies for my absence regarding bringing you the latest news and updates on A Leeds Chamber Hire. I have a few things that I would like to mention.

First and foremost, I, Mistress Davina will no longer be taking on any new clients until further notice….I have had to let so many clients down of late simply because of other commitments that I now have regarding Chamber Hire. ( I also have my 2 rescue ponies who are very demanding ! ) So, I hope that you can understand why I am so very difficult to reach sometimes. Email is always the best way forward as is text which will be followed up with an arranged phone call if I feel your genuine.

Many of you that I know don’t use Twitter and that is where I usually fire a one liner or two ( depending on my mood, sometimes you can’t shut me up !) on availability for the Chambers, I fully take on board now that I have so many readers that are not on any BDSM social media ! So, I am really going to make the effort to drop in and have a quick chat with you all from time to time…The Chambers are rocking at the moment and I am now taking overnight bookings way in advance, the “Day Rate” of 6hrs has also become very popular over the last few months.

Lets talk availability.


Monday 25th September

Tuesday 26th September

Wednesday 27th September

Thursday 28th September

Friday the 6th October

Saturday 7th October

Sunday 8th October

Monday 9th October

Wednesday 11 October

Thursday 12th October

Saturday 15th October

Wednesday 18th October

Thursday 19th October

Friday 20th October

Tuesday 24th October

Wednesday 25th October

Thursday 26th October

Saturday 29th October

The above should give you an idea when play space is available.

I have had lots of enquiries as to whether or not A Leeds Chamber Hire will be holding a Christmas event this year…..yes we will, haven’t worked out a date yet but will be back with more news on that soon.

I would like to thank you all for your fab emails regarding my Chambers, it really makes things all worth while ……

The Chambers are very excited to meet up with some of the very best Dommes that are on Tour at the moment so keep your eyes and ears open, I will be back with more info on that later….Maybe this evening….just a short piece of information as to when and which Mistress’s will be in attendance. Time out for me…..Off to see my Ponies !!! Be back tonight….

Oh ! One more very important thing ! Tina Andrews is now available as Milly Maid if required in the Chambers….very submissive lil Bitch…..Can’t wait to see ya ! That’s it, I’m gone POOF !

Fond Regards,

Mistress Davina

Chamber Hire Leeds

Contact me directly either by email aleedsstudio@hotmail.co.uk

Telephone 07732472515