Just a few outfits that are available for your use in the Chambers.

Good Afternoon Readers,
I have been thinking…I would like to put up a small arrangement of pics of the cross dress outfits which are available when hiring the Leeds Chamber.

Let me show you some of the outfits that are for your use…..


This pic was not taken in the Chambers as you can see but the Maid Uniform is hanging  the chamber wardrobe……As are many corsets and Lingerie. Wigs are in abundance !


Pink PVC with white PVC apron….Satin bloomers.


Below is a beautiful Satin Pink dress with Taffeta posture collar ……..


Below is a school uniform size large !


rsz david sissy4

A Leeds Chamber has many outfits to fit everyone….Lingerie, Shoes from size 6 to 10..  BDSM paradise…….These are just few of the outfits available for your use….enjoy

For all availability please check the calendar…….

Or Call me directly on 07732 472 515

Email aleedsstudio@hotmail.co.uk

Fond Regards,

Mistress Davina