It’s been far too long……….

Good evening readers,

I know I am not as active with my News Page as I ought to be but I really do have so much going on at the moment.

For those of you that may frequent Twitter, you will already know that I no longer offer “Double Dom” sessions, I have my reasons for this but I am not prepared to divulge.

However, I have taken to joining in with a small amount of couples who come along to hire my Chambers, quite by accident really but much fun has been had lol…..So, I now offer my knowledge and expertise to my couples who visit. If you would like more details regarding this then contact me via email only. If you prefer to be alone then that’s good too.

I may have mentioned some time ago that the a Leeds Chamber site is due for a re-vamp, well this will begin next week. All text and images of the Chambers will be updated and you will have so much more information regarding the different things that are on offer.

I have decided to cancel the couples day scheduled for the 19th of June. We shall do this at a later date.

I kid you all not, my life is running at 100 miles per hour at the moment and has been for most of the Winter ( Anyone who keeps Horses will know exactly what I am talking about ! ) But….The summer has finally arrived and I now have much more time to do my Kinky stuff !

Which is playing around in this place….(smile) Don’t forget, this is not just for me to play in….you can hire it too…..


The Lower Chamber is as I would describe, more for the experienced players of BDSM In here you will find just about everything that a seasoned player could wish for !


I also have an upper Chamber for the beginner or maybe the softer players of BDSM I find this room very popular with cross dressing, Sissy play, well look for yourself, eyes down…..


I have many, many wigs, shoes, boots of all sizes to fit up to a size 11. Maid outfits in all colours and sizes……


The F Pro Fucking Machine is on view here just in front of the Fetters Bondage Chair, lovely piece of equipment, in here you also have the Inversion Rack and again the Fetters Voyeur box……Lots to play with..


When you hire my Chambers you hire every room including this one…..eyes down..


This room is what I call the Den, Refreshments are kept in here, along with a Toaster, Kettle, Cafetiere, Microwave, small fridge, Dishwasher, Wall mounted TV ( If you have time to watch it ! ) I think that you will find all you need in here….

Below is my study, lots of role play takes place in here, it’s also a very peaceful room too….To the other side of this room are mirrors for those of you that may like to watch yourself having your bottom Spanked !



You can just see the upper entrance through the study door to the right…And a study is not a study without cat ! ( These 2 little darlings can be vacated on request,they have a pad of their own )

Finally the Shower room.  All towels are freshly laundered and toilet, bath and basins a cleaned on a daily basis…..


As you may have guessed, availability is much sought after here, so if you would like to treat yourself to some Kinky fun in a 5 star BDSM establishment then get your name in the diary.

Don’t forget you can now purchase Gift Vouchers !

No availability left Sunday…..

That’s all for now, will try and pop back very soon…….

Fond Regards,

Mistress Davina


All the above images were taken by @steve satin