Info on the Chambers

Hi BDSM Readers,

How often have you wanted to meet for some private and discreet BDSM play but not known where to go ?

How often have you ended up in a hotel room or an apartment surrounded by neighbors or other paying guests that just might be able to hear your playful slaps?

Now is the time to pay a visit to a you will have that special private time within the walls of my BDSM Chambers. All you have to do is call me directly or email me….It’s that simple….

If you have a special occasion coming up and would like to spoil your partner that can be arranged too….just ask….

The Chambers are for hire, however I now have to start taking a Deposit on all bookings. I will give you full details if you would like to contact me.

The new Leather Hammock is proving to be very popular LOL !

The old winches have now been replaced with shiny red ones !

The Chambers are looking the best that I have ever seen them….

That’s all I have for you just now….Call me if you need more information on 07732472515

Best wishes,

Mistress Davina