Help needed at the Chambers !

Hi Guy’s,

I can’t believe where the time goes ? I have been continuously busy with “Dungeon Hire” and as I am not on the doorstep of the Chambers any more it’s been a little different for me to say the least but I’m getting there lol..

I am eager to get into the Chambers and start the Decorating also desperate for some willing subs to come forward to help ! If you can use a paintbrush/wallpaper then you will be of use to me. I will also need someone to take care of cleaning brushes, general cleaning duties, making tea ect, whilst I am busy doing other things around the Chambers…Email me if you think you could help. As soon as I get the help together I will start the work.

I have been pondering for a few months now as to whether or not to have a card machine facility installed at the Chambers, the reason being is that so many of you guy’s have asked me if I offer this facility, in fact I once had a Chamber Hire come along and they had just assumed that I took card payment, ( which I currently don’t ) and what a pa lava for them, really, So…. Ive given this much thought and have decided to go ahead and start checking for the most suitable machine to do the job. Its just another option.

All payments will have a discreet reference, I will keep you up to date with this.

I hope that your all enjoying the 3D Tour of my Chambers which I might add is situated on the home page ? If you haven’t seen it yet here is the link, check it out, bloody Awesome !

I have some really nice images that need to go onto my site so I really must get them up at some point soon. Keep your eyes peeled for them.

I spent some fun time at the Chambers with Tina Andrews over the weekend, on leaving we decided to go back to her place and sort each others hair out…that just never happened…She decided to get the Gin and Tonics out instead (smile) What a lovely afternoon Tina, we sat in her garden and got sloshed Lol ! Went back to mine and had some more….Your a very bad influence Tina … And I love my new PVC knee length boots too, Thank you babe x

I look so forward to seeing you again on the 5th “M” and I WILL get round to emailing today lol x

I am having issues with my email account for some reason….Only on my desk top ??? Really inconvenient, takes ages to type an email, anyway Tina can have a look at that for me tomorrow.

Thinking of keeping the first Monday of every month for myself, I don’t seem to be able to get in for any playtime these day’s, will keep you updated on that….

Time for me to go, for all Chamber Hire enquiries you can either email or call me directly on

07732 472 515

Fondest Regards,