It’s all going on today in A Leeds Chamber !

Good Morning all BDSM Enthusiasts,

I would like to begin this news page by updating everyone on the activities that have been taking place at A Leeds Chamber.

Yesterday turned out to be a very eventful day, I was very fortunate to be able to meet the lovely Mistress Kendra of Leeds. We met at the Chambers and had a fab afternoon, followed by an equally fab Double Dom session…..I really enjoyed working along side of you Mistress, I hope that we can do this again in the near future ( smile )

We had slave David ( My house boy of 15 years) take some pics in the top Chamber of both of us…..I will be uploading them on my other site as soon as I have sent them over to Mistress Kendra for her approval.

I will be over at the Leeds Chambers of Depravation early doors today as “Westgate Glass and mirror company Ltd” of Leeds are fitting the floor to ceiling wall mirrors ( safety glass ) in the extended area. Mistress can’t wait to see the finished mirrored wall. This company has done all mirrors in my Chambers and have always done a first class job. Thank you “Westgate Glass” I shall see you very shortly !

I would also like to mention that I have had the pleasure of meeting Submissive Aimee on a couple of occasions of late, this very experienced Submissive lady is now taking bookings for Leeds, as is the very sought after Submissive “Miss Pearl”.


Pictures of the finished mirrors will be uploaded this evening on both sites so do have a look…..I think that you may like !

As Promised…….The mirrors,I just love them !




Lady Levi just snook in there !


I think that is all for now, I have a very busy schedule today…

Do feel free to call me directly on either the Chamber line or my personal mobile number which is displayed below regarding all Chamber Hire enquiries.

I shall sign off now but I will be back shortly with some pics for you….Until then, play safe and I look forward to taking your calls and emails.

Chamber line 0113 239 1556

Direct Mobile 07732 472 515


Fond Regards,

Leeds Mistress Davina

Chambers of Depravation Leeds