Come and take a Tour of the Chambers of Depravation

Hi Readers,

Well I don’t know about everyone out there but I am sick to the teeth of this rain ! I live in wellies ! (Apart from when I am at the Chambers of course, smile )…Speaking of which, I have been spending some time in there the last week….busy bee.

For those of you that have not had the pleasure of browsing the Leeds Chambers via my brand new 3D Video Tour I can tell you that it’s not 1 to be missed….You will love it, you can view it on my Home Page, please go and have a look…I think that you will find the content most interesting, more than interesting. The Tour takes you through the whole of the Chamber room by room. I am so impressed with the work of who came along and created this magnificent video Tour. They are a very enthusiastic, professional team that really know their stuff. I really want to point out also that not only is the job done to spec, but the “After care” and guidance has been second to none. I would highly recommend ! In fact when I can get into the Chambers to redecorate, I am having another one done.

They can be reached on either the above email or telephone 01134182581.

I have recently had many requests from potential visitors to come along and take a look around the Chambers…Now you know how difficult that is ! The space is either booked out or I am unable to make it on your chosen date ect, so I thought that this Tour would let you peruse my Dungeons at your leisure without you even having to leave your seat. How convenient is that ?

I will be uploading some fresh pics to the site ASAP so keep your eyes open for them going up.

Now I have to address something that I really don’t like having to do, I really don’t, but I’m going to…

Ok, when you hire my Chambers I would expect that you would take a quick look at my site and find out a little bit about where your coming to, what to expect ect.. It just makes sense. Well it’s become quite apparent that there are a minority that don’t, so, read on……

When I hire my Chambers out for any length of time it is for couples only. By that I mean a couple is 2 people anymore than 2 is a few which from where I am sitting equals a Party ! I have to mention this because on too many occasions I have found 3 and 4 people inside…..It’s not happening end of. What if you just gave me a quick text or call to discuss your intentions with me first, you just never know. …That’s the last that I will say on this uncomfortable subject, until next time……..

I will be spending much more time at the Leeds Chambers from now on, so I look forward to meeting and greeting many more of you. Remember that When you Hire the Chambers I will give you a Guided Tour of the place, and show you how some of the equipment works and more importantly, a few safety tips. This does not come off of your hire time.

I will be in the Chambers on Monday the 14th of May but I only have availability from 3pm. Anything earlier than that is booked out. For all genuine enquiries regarding a Leeds Chamber you can contact me directly on either my email or mobile 07732472515.

I look forward to hearing from some of you soon ! Time for me to nash and get myself a well deserved glass of wine, so until next time, play safe and enjoy !

Best wishes,

Mistress Davina

Leeds Chamber Hire