Changes at the Chambers !!

Hi again Kinksters,

Well what’s this weather like ?? I need my Vitamin D ! and being as I wont be getting that any time soon I thought I might get my head stuck into freshening up my Chambers. You see I went over to the Chambers yesterday to do a bit of cleaning and just doing a few things that I had neglected to do, but much needed doing, so that’s why I went over.

Let me explain…I have just moved home so my presence at the Dungeons have been a little hit and miss…I am moved in though now so all is back to normal regarding bookings for Dungeon Hire.

I am so glad to be spending some time out of this big stressful house move and back in my place of comfort….The Chambers ! So much so that I have decided to redecorate the whole place. I am so excited about this, I know exactly what I want and how I want it….be ready for some change !

Oh and I had a mad moment and ordered a Sybian Lol ! Now that looks HOT !!! The guy’s have been catered for so now here’s one for the Ladies (smile) I have had confirmation that it will be arriving tomorrow Whoop !!

The Dungeons may have to close for a short while whilst the redecorating is going on but I will keep you all well informed with plenty of notice before work commences.

The Chambers are getting very busy again with Chamber Hire, please book early to save disappointment.

Chamber Availability as follows.

Tuesday the 13h March – no availability.

Thursday the 15th March- no availability.



The rest are staggered bookings so feel free to email and enquire for more availability.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank the fabulous looking couple ( you know who you are ) who left the beautiful dress and shoes for the Cross Dress wardrobe, many thanks Darlings ! See you both soon I hope xx

Tina Andrews….just hurry up and get your ass home !!!!

Well I think that’s all the news that I have for you for now, but I will keep bobbing in to keep you all updated.

I am in the Chambers on Friday the 23rd of March all enquiries can contact me directly either by phone or email.


Mobile 07732472515

Leeds Chamber Hire

Fond regards,

Mistress Davina