Chamber Update ! Limited places for the Christmas Bash !

Hi Readers,

As promised I am back with some details regarding the Christmas Party which is to be held on Saturday the 8th of December at The Leeds Chambers Of Depravation……I am so looking forward to this one, its been one hell of a year and this just can’t come quick enough ! I am starting to get an idea of the number of people who will be attending so far.

As always there will be food and refreshments available to you in the back room, all other rooms are available for play !

If there is anyone out there who has never been to an event like this one but would like to attend one, then this is the one for you…I have guests who have been coming every year for many years and new guests who have also returned for this Annual event. We are a really friendly bunch just drop me an email….There are still places to be filled, but hear this, when they are gone, they are gone !

I will be replying to the people who have already emailed me regarding the Party this evening.

I have to say that I am really looking forward to Christmas at the Chambers this year, in fact I have just received all my Garlands to decorate the place with….getting the Chamber tree out next week, how exciting (smile)..

These are the pro Dommes who will be in attendance,

Mistress Athena of Huddersfield. Twitter @MistressAthena2

Mistress Vivienelmour Twitter @kinkyfishviv

Mistress KMBA Twitter @MistressKMBA

Mistress Heather Twitter @missheatherdom

The Blonde Dom of Leeds.

Mstress Lara of Leeds.

Mistress Brienne Twitter @Mistressbrienne

Mistress Davina Twitter @Mistress Davina1

There are a couple of people that I will be adding to the above list  as I get confirmation.


I was actually going to put pics up alongside each Mistress but I really don’t have time just now, however I may pop back later this evening and get them up. I want to get the food order in at Waitrose so hurry up and fill these last few spaces !

Chamber doors will swing open at 7 30pm on Saturday the 8th of December. Look forward to hearing from you all soon !


Tuesday 30th Oct NO AVAILABILITY

Thursday 1st Nov NO AVAILABILITY


Saturday 3rd Nov NO AVAILABILITY

All other bookings are staggered so please either call or email me for availability regarding Chamber Hire.


Mobile 07732472515

Best wishes,

Mistress Davina

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