Chamber News….Master in the House….

Good Morning Readers,
I would like first and foremost like to welcome Master Xcess to A Leeds Chamber, He will be available for session as soon as you contact him !
At the moment he is only available on Twitter but you can look him up on there…@masterxcess is his user name. His website is to follow….x
The Refreshment Station is now in place but have a few more little adjustments to make before I give you any pics of it….I love it !
Availability is getting tight again….book your play space early, really does save dissapointment.
I look forward to speaking with you in the near future…
All enquiries regarding Chamber Hire feel free to call me on either,
0113 239 1556
07732 472 515
Alternatively you can contact me by Email me at
Hope to speak soon,
Fond regards,
Mistress Davina
Yorkshire Mature Mistress