A Leeds Chamber Hire Update from Mistress Davina

Good Evening Kink Enthusiasts,

I would first like to welcome Mistress IQ on her return visit to the Chambers of Depravation tomorrow, followed by myself…..I will be there to greet you tomorrow Mistress… ( smile )

I, personally shall be spending most of the day arranging the food and beverages that are to be delivered on time for our Christmas Party on Thursday. The rest of the day I shall be trimming the Chambers with all the Festive Decorations, Tree, Baubles, balloons, all the little touches that remind us that it is the time of year to relax, leave your inhibitions at the door and eat, drink and be very Naughty !

We have arranged some games that you will have a choice of participating in, the “joining in” of any games is entirely up to the individual, if it’s for you then play if not then you are welcome to watch the fun and games whilst mingling among other guests, and do feel free to wander around to see what is going on in all the play spaces that are available to you…..Lol……This is going to be one hell of a Christmas Party !

The Chambers are available for Hire tomorrow from 12 onwards……

I will be updating the availability Calendar very shortly…..Its worth a look…

The extension is coming along, not fast enough for me but I too shall have to be patient.

All enquiries regarding Chamber Hire are advised to click the link back there and you will be taken to where you need to be.

That’s all  have for you at the moment, however I will be popping back before you know it !

Fond Regards,

Mistress Davina Leeds

Leeds Chambers of Depravation

Tel 0113 239 1556

Mobile 07732 472 515

Email   aleedsstudio@hotmail.co.uk