Chamber Hire News

Good Morning Readers,
A quick update on the events that have taken place at A Leeds Chamber. The weekend was again a busy one, both with Chamber Hire and myself playing in the Chambers.
Sunday, I took a couple of hours for myself and a very long standing loyal sub of mine….for more info on what took place you might want to magically click this link and be transported to Mistress Davina’s site. I will be updating that as soon as I have finished here.
The Chamber doors opened at 9am yesterday, and stayed open until 9 40pm last night….
I have to mention that I had the fortunate opportunity of meeting the “photographer” from Dark-Arts-UK again on Saturday. He brought along his camera and took some pics of all the different rooms, I will upload them for you on here…I am very impressed with what he has done ! Thank you Dark-Arts-UK…you can find more info on his profile page on ….Really is worth a read !
Let me show you a few pics….

Lower Chamber…


Upper Chamber…..


The Study….rsz_gav_new_pics_12

The Blue Room…


Or maybe you prefer red ?…..



This room is perfect for before or after session time, or just a place to chill….I really do love this room. ( Whatever colour ! )

Contact Details for Chamber Hire

0113 239 1556 or,

07732 472 515,

Alternatively, feel free to Email me at

Fond Regards,

Mistress Davina