Chamber Hire Leeds Update

Good Morning readers,

Thought I might pop in and let you all know what’s going on at the Leeds Chambers…

Well first of all lets start with the BDSM Bash which we held not so very long ago. We smashed it ! Everyone who attended played a massive part in making the event a success and for this I would like to thank you all.

The passwords which were given out to present on entry to the Chambers were all popped into a hat and drawn out later in the evening to win a bottle, Congratulations TF !

Two more belting prizes were up for grabs also, one was a session with the one and only Huddersfield Dominatrix, Mistress Athena of the Huddersfield Asylum and the other was a 2hr free Chamber Hire at The Leeds Chambers of Depravtion!

The party was in my opinion a blast…. and hear this…. I didn’t crash until 4 30am leaving people still chilling in the Den, and others still playing lol…

I was really pleased to see some old and new faces in attendance.

Kitty, your well overdue for a jolly good Spanking so I hope you are prepared for a very red bottom tomorrow ! I will be ready and waiting to receive you at 6pm prompt…..

“A” Mistress will be ready and waiting for you tomorrow also, 4pm on the dot ! I have some heavy duty servitude lined up for you…..(among other duties… )

Anyone who would like to come along for playtime tomorrow best get yourself booked in…. I don’t usually get the Chambers to myself anymore these day’s but tomorrow is an exception so all you have to do is pick up the phone and call me for availability. If I can fit you in comfortably then Mistress will gladly see you.

The Chambers are becoming very busy again with Chamber Hire so please book early to save any disappointment. Once your in the diary your play space is secure.

Please read….If you have made a booking for Chamber Hire then you must call me personally on 07732472515 to confirm your booking on the morning that you are due to attend the Dungeons. No confirmation, no booking !

There that’s that said.

Mistress has been away for the last couple of day’s a very much needed break. I loved it ! I went alone, and had a fab time so much peace and quiet, time to reflect on a few things that needed my attention. I think I have straightened some of the things I needed to out in my mind but there is just one other thing that I need to address which I won’t post on here …YET.

Back to BDSM . Whilst I was away for my short break I had a very long time client who was desperate to see me, I explained that I was not available at the Chambers and would do my best to see him on my return. He couldn’t wait so I arranged to meet him where I was staying, the place is very secluded and I thought, 2hrs ? That sounds doable, so I arranged to meet him and took him to where I was staying.

I greeted him at the entrance, got him parked up and guided him into my room. The only pieces of equipment I took along with me was a cane, rope, vibrator, strap on and lube….. “W” brought along a bottle of Champagne which went down very well I might add lol…. we cracked open the bottle and play commenced inside my room and then moved outside into the wooded area where I roped him up to a tree and went back into my room and had a glass of Champers, so funny I tell you, I haven’t laughed like that for a very long time…. Mistress didn’t leave “W” long and I could just see him in the dark of night….Totally naked….vulnerable and bewildered at what was about to happen next…… Had a fab time “W” and we must do that more often ! ( You won’t be getting all details of my session as you all well know I don’t tell !)

“BB” I now have you pencilled into my diary and I am looking forward to seeing you next week, it’s been too long ! My heels are sharpened and ready for you. (along with the zapper lol )

Mistress is now going to the Chambers to let one of my favourite couples in for some BDSM fun. Must dash, I will be back to catch up with you all very soon, until then …Play safe and enjoy !

Anyone interested in Chamber hire feel free to contact me directly either by email or mobile.

Mobile 07732472515


I look forward to hearing from you in the very near future !

Fondest regards,

Mistress Davina Leeds

Mature Yorkshire Dominatrix