BDeeSM…. Speed Dating Event at the Chambers

Good Morning BDSM readers,

I have arranged along with Mistress Princess Pervette, to hold an event which is quite different to what a Leeds Chamber is used to…..A Speed dating event for the twisted and perverted ! I have, with full consent copied Princess Pervette’s writings regarding dates, ect… Read on if u are interested in attending. I am so looking forward to this !

SBeeDSM Dating

Speed dating for the twisted and perverted!
For the “Grand Opening” of her new playroom Mistress Davina, of The Leeds Chambers of Depravation, invites the local kinksters and fetishists to Her unique Dungeons for a play event with a twist:
SBeeDSM Dating is an opportunity to use the modern mating ritual of “speed dating” to share BDSM interests and secret desires with fellow perverts. By enabling you to have a limited time to get to know each person individually in this setting, there is more opportunity to find your perfect play-partner!  The fabulous, fully-equipped Dungeons are then available for you to explore with your potential partner in crime!
Entrance fee includes buffet food and light refreshments to help everyone feel more at home in this delightful, relaxed environment.  For those who have not encountered this venue before you will be in awe of the range of torture devices, BDSM furniture and kinky confinements provided in four beautiful chambers.  There will be a room for smokers and there is a luxurious bathroom with showering facilities if necessary.

Tours of the equipment will be given before the ‘speed-dating’ begins and professional advice provided at any point during the night.

This is an excellent opportunity to meet play-partners and use this exclusive venue to meet your BDSM needs! You could not want for more…

Happy SBeeDSM dating!

Anyone who may be interested in this very different event, contact me at or call me directly on 07732472515 There will be only so many places, we are receiving lots of interest already…..You know my take on that disappointment thing……Look forward to hearing from all you Kinksters very soon !
Fond Regards

Mistress Davina

Mature Yorkshire Mistress

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