Another review of “a Leeds Chamber get together”

Oh what a night….!!!

It was very early on Saturday evening, and my phone made the irritating little noise it makes, when you just know someone wants to get you some compensation for miss-sold payment protection that you know you have never taken out….. Until you look a little closer… It was Mistress Davina herself. What was I up to ..? I nearly texted back, to start a little dialogue via the wonders of modern technology, but thought….. it would be lovely to hear her infectious giggly laughter. My call was answered immediately, and she got straight to the point, I had an invite to a rather impromptu party planned for ….. the evening after..! Talk about short notice..! I was asked to arrive a little before the start, in order to help lay out a buffet, but that had been ably taken care of by Mistress Kendra, and I am certain… slave David. Even though I felt I was much earlier than usual for one of these “legendary” little get together’s, the invited guests very quickly arrived, and pleasantries between old friends and new acquaintances were exchanged, setting into motion what was to be one of the most pleasant and convivial evenings full of banter and laughter, I have had the pleasure of being invited to. We were in the company of the perfect hostess….Mistress Davina, the renowned…Mistress Kendra, the Famous … ( but I say Fabulous ..!! ), Strap On Jane… and the delightful, captivating….Mistress Helena.
The party seemed to settle into a rather intimate mode, with everybody enjoying the wonderfully relaxing surroundings of the new addition of the chill-out area….. It must be the two leather sofa’s..! Rather interesting to note, but we had, for our pleasure, the finest equipment, in the best dungeon and playroom in the north of the country… and we spent most of our time having an absolute ball ….. in the room with no equipment..!!! But, Oh, what a night !
My thanks to friends old and new for a wonderful evening, and to you Mistress Davina, Sunday night was exactly what the new room was made for…
My fondest regards to you …. and all in attendance. Love….. Tony x

Thank you Tony…..x

Fond Regards,

Mistress Davina