Another Great Testimonial

Good Day Mistress Davina,

We feel that we must write to you and thank you for your warm welcome on our arrival to your fantastic Chambers. After a long journey and being unfashionably late, your hospitality was overwhelming, as is your exceptional Chambers.

My submissive squeeled with delight almost the whole time we were there ( The Bondage Wheel soon put her in her place though !) I can honestly say that we have used many BDSM Dungeons/Chambers in our 8yrs of BDSM play, but never have we seen a set up like the one that you have created. Congratulations Mistress Davina on your achievement, although I am led to understand that it is still work in progress ? WOW !

We brought many toy’s of our own but realised that they were not nessesarily needed, everything a player would need was there for our use. Strap on’s in variouse sizes, Butt Plugs, Electrics, ( which we did not have ) vibrators, the contents of your establishment is overwhelming. We didn’t have time to use all of your equipment, but the one thing my little lady did enjoy immensly was the rubber inflatable body bag and the floating suspension board. I could go on Mistress Davina but I don’t have the time. ( work calls)

I write this as a thank you for allowing us the freedom to use your wonderful Chambers of Deprevation and look forward to our next extended visit to Leeds.

Best Wishes,

Mr xxxx