A Leeds Chamber Availability……

Good Evening BDSM Lovers,

I have popped in tonight to let you know the events planned for tomorrow at the Chambers. A quick reminder that the availability for tomorrow is almost taken. Mistress IQ will be in attendance in the morning and Leeds Mistress Princess Pervette will be in attendance immediately afterwards.

Availability for Thursday the 17th Oct = 6pm-10pm has now gone

The Leeds Chambers of Depravation will not be available for hire until until early evening tomorrow. This will allow play spaces and equipment to be fully cleaned down before any one else arrives to Hire the Chambers.

Mistress has had 2 fantastic “Masks” bought for use on any “T” Girls,  I love them…..They can be available on request. I am going to upload a pic of someone wearing one during a “Maid Training” Day. This is the Mask in the image below. Very impressive !

All enquiries regarding A Leeds Chamber Hire, Feel free to call me Directly on either

Chamber line 0113 231556

Mistress Davina 07732472515

Fond Regards,

Mistress Davina