A Leeds Chamber Hire Availaility….

Good Afternoon Readers,

My keyboard is playing up something terrible so I will make this short and sweet.  (smile ) I must get onto Amazon and order a new one.

OK, Let me give you some dates that are now no longer available.

Wed the 9th Oct at 3 30pm onwards =  NO AVAILABILITY.

Thursday the 10th Oct at 11am to 2pm = NO AVAILABILITY.

Friday the 11th Oct at 10am onwards = NO AVAILABILITY.

Saturday the 12th Oct at 11am to 6 0pm = NO AVAILABILITY.

Tuesday the 15th Oct at 1pm to 6pm = NO AVAILABILITY.

These times are now gone, however, unfortunately sometimes on rare occasions I have a cancellation of a booking. So it’s always worth a quick phone call to check availability. A Leeds Chamber is taking bookings into late November……Please avoid any disappointment and book your play space in advance.

Fond Regards,

Mistress Davina

A Leeds Chamber Hire

contact me on either 0113 239 1556 or,

on my mobile 07732 472515

Email info@mistressdavina.com