Couples only event…….

Good morning BDSM readers,

I have a day to myself today so I thought this might be a good time to give all BDSM Couples who may be interested in attending the event which is scheduled to take place at The Leeds Chambers of Depravation on Saturday the10th of September a full itinerary of what is to take place. If this is of interest to you and your play partner then please read on…..( smile)

Let me answer a few questions that you might be curious about.

Q) What is the cost to attend this Kinky Couples Party ?

A) The cost to attend is £15 per head.

Q) What do we get for this ?

A) Full use of all amenities in my Chambers, any guidance you may require regarding all equipment, refreshments and nibbles will be available in the Chill out area.

Q) Will there be single players at the event ?

A) No, I will explain later in this news page why….

Q) How do we apply to attend ?

A) Just send me an email and you will be added to the guest list.

Q) How/when do we pay the entrance fee ?

A) On arrival, you will then be given a ticket with your personal number and name on it, keep this safe….you will need it later in the evening, that’s if you want to be included in the prize draw !

Q) What is the prize draw ?

A) A 1hr gift voucher for Chamber Hire worth £50.

Q) Can we swap partners during play ?

A) Only with full consent of any parties involved, respect is paramount !

Q) Can we take photos during play ?

A) No, discretion is also paramount !

Q) Do you have parking facilities ?

A) Yes. My house boy will direct you to an allocated parking space.

Q) What time do we arrive ?

A) The Chamber doors will open at 7 30pm.

Q) Is there a dress code ?

A) Yes, Fetish wear or plain black.

Q) If we just turn up without prior notice will we be allowed to come in ?

A) No, If your name is not down your not getting in !

Q) Do we have any where to change, and can we shower if need be ?

A) Yes, the Study will be used for you to change, and the shower facilities are second to none…

Q) Is there off the road parking ?

A) Yes.

Q) Is there a smoking area ?

A) Yes.

I have covered some questions that I thought you may want answers to, if you need any other information then don’t hesitate to contact me directly via email.

Time to address why this party night is for couples only….The Chambers have held many, many parties in the past and all have been for single players, I have loved every one of them….however over the past few years, I have met so many adorable couples and would like to cater for these players, in fact, if all goes well I am considering holding the same as above once a month. This would be a great time for like minded couples from the BDSM community to come together on a regular basis in a safe and discreet location.

Time to move on….I have had all good intentions of revamping the Chamber Cross Dress wardrobes, I just can’t get in to do them ! Tomorrow is the day they get put into order…..I am so looking forward to getting all the outfits together ready to just pull out and put on !

Availability is becoming limited once again so do try and book early I cant stress this enough…I really don’t like turning people away.

I am ordering a suspended love swing today for the Chambers, Many of you couples have mentioned this as one of your much preferred  play toys, so I have to provide one for you…..This will be on order today.

Well I think that’s all I have for you just now, I really look forward to seeing you in September if not before. Until then, play safe and enjoy !


Telephone 07732472515 For all genuine enquiries regarding the above, or Chamber Hire.

Best wishes,

Mistress Davina of Leeds

Mature Yorkshire Mistress